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The infant classroom floor plan is designed for up to 8 children, ages 6 weeks to 18 months. Your child will start their day with a smooth transition from home to school. When you drop your child off you will have the opportunity to discuss how your previous evening was, from there your infants schedule for the day will be determined. We believe that allowing for your child to stay on their own schedules makes the transition from home to care easier for both parent and child. This also gives the sense of “home” that we strive for. You are encouraged to log the feeding and sleeping from the evening in a communication notebook that goes from home to school everyday. Each day your infant’s activities will be logged in the book as well. You will know when your baby ate, slept and played.

Our teachers are passionate about childcare and proper child development. Your infant will be encouraged to explore their environment with stimulation that promotes cognitive, physical, social emotional and language development.

In our infant classroom you can be assured to find:

1. Teachers reading to the children. This will help aid in the development of your child vocabulary by hearing new words. Reading together will also encourage a love for books.

2. An environment with quality educational materials and learning experiences for each developmental stage of the children in the room. The set up of the room encourages your infant to satisfy their natural curiosity of their surrounding,

3. Areas for your infant to be able to move, crawl, pull up and cruise. Each child is given these opportunities daily

4. An area for sensory exploration, where they can feel, touch, squish, push and pull age appropriate materials.

5. Highly qualified teachers enjoying all of your infants “moments” everyday.

6. All of your infants needs met while in a safe, clean and nurturing environment.

To learn more about our infant program, please call to set up a tour.

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