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We absolutely love all of the teachers, aids and staff members at Kids Connection. Each and every one of them is caring, patient and sweet and treats my son as if he were their own. Words cannot express how reassuring it is to drop my child off to the very talented and loving people that are on staff at Kids Connection. Knowing that he is in good hands gives me peace of mind that I never thought I could have as a working mother. Thank you. With Much Gratitude,

Nicole and Sean

Kids Connection has been such a valuable asset in both the lives of my two children. My son and daughter enjoy the daycare so much and the teachers are wonderful. It also is more than just a d daycare they are getting an education that I don’t believe they would be able to get anywhere else. My son is now in the integrated pre-school program and is always talking about how much he loves his new “big boy class”. It is so nice to have kids enjoy school and too see them excites to learn and interact with others that they wouldn’t get at home.


Our son ,Chris, was enrolled in a one day a week nursery school program at our church last year when hurricane Sandy hit. We were devastated. We lost busing for our older son Matthew, a student at ACDS, therefore we drove him along with Chris to school everyday. Kids Connection approached us and suggested we enroll Chris in their program. We did it. Three days a week, Including the one day a week program at our church. It was a great decision.

We loved Kids Connection so much that we decided not to place Chris in the program at our church but rather keep him at Kids Connection. Another great decision. We credit Kids Connection and their staff for Chris’ demeanor and for the amazing little boy he has become. Kids Connection has a wonderful program and my son is a prime example of it.


My four year old son has been attending Kids Connection since he was four months old. Although he's my third child, he was the first that my wife and I sent to daycare. I remember vividly the first few days that I dropped him there. I would walk out with a pit in my stomach that can't really be explained. Yet, within a week or so, those feelings quickly started to dissipate and I realized what good hands my baby was actually in. Whenever I have family or friends who ask me about daycare, I quickly refer them to take a tour of the facility. I don't try to convince them for a second, as I know the place speaks for itself.

There is such a genuine love for the children by each and every staff member who deals with the children, you feel like you're just dropping your child off at a family member's house. I can't thank Kids Connection enough for the feeling of security that they've given me and my wife over the years, and I strongly recommend to anyone who needs care for their child to schedule a visit. You'll be glad you did.


My daughter, who was born with Down syndrome, started at Kids Connection at 3 months old. The care and support that she has received there has been fantastic. As a parent I was concerned about leaving her in the care of others as well as having a concern that she would be treated differently because of the Down Syndrome, but I must say, the love and care shown to her is amazing.

She has been so well taken care of by everyone there I couldn't ask for a better place for her to be. She is treated just like any other child and that makes Kids Connection and the staff one of the best places if not the best place for our family. There are day cares closer to our home but we are willing to travel the 15 miles to Kids Connections.


My husband and I were anxious and excited to be parents for the very first time. We couldn’t wait for the arrival of our precious little one and I guess he couldn’t wait either. Our baby boy was born two months premature at 4lbs, 3oz. After six weeks in the NICU, two blood transfusions and various other issues, he finally came home. As working parents, no daycare seemed good enough to take care of our tiny angel who we felt required lots of TLC. Then a friend of mine who worked for ACDS highly recommended their daycare which was located right on the premise of the school and boy was she right!

The daycare staff was warm, friendly and compassionate not only to our son but to us as well. They cared for him with loving arms and expressed such devotion that I had never seen before. As a working mom, it was so comforting to know my child was safe and in good hands. Because of his prematurity, he was developmentally delayed and required services which he was able to obtain while in daycare.

The warmth and compassion spilled over to the therapists and all who came in contact with him. The months that followed were filled with doctors’ appointments, follow ups and my husband’s deployment to Iraq with the Army Reserves. It was a very tough year for me but I persevered with the help of family, friends and the new friends I made at ACDS. The support, love and kindness I received was overwhelming. This continued even after my husband came home. My son continued to grow and began preschool at ACDS where he flourished with flying colors, thanks to his teachers.

When I became pregnant with my second child, there was no doubt in my mind where she would be going for daycare. She was born full term and received the same TLC as my son. It is truly amazing how time flies and in a blink of an eye, the little hand that once held your finger so tight is now fitting into yours. When I look back at the beginning of their lives, especially my son, and where they are today, I realize how important a child’s foundation is and how blessed we are that their journey began at ACDS. We will always be forever grateful. Thanks to you all!


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