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The toddler classroom floor plan is designed for up to 12 children and three adults. There are areas for gross motor and small motor activities, water and sand play quiet book nooks, music and movement, and circle time activities.

We encourage the children to explore their environment using their senses and emerging problem solving skills. The teachers are always there to assist the children and cherish each new milestone your child reaches.

From our Good Morning song to our Good Bye Song the teachers plan individualized as well as small group activities for your children through out the day.

When it is time to begin potty training the teachers will be by your side to assist and follow through in the classroom.

The children will have lunch together in our toddler rooms at noon everyday. There are many social opportunities as well as self help skills that can be learned at this time. A naptime is offered daily after lunch. Each child has there own sleep space provided that they can drift into a sleep while listening to the sounds of soft lullabies.

In our toddler class you can be assured to find

An environment with current up to date materials that they can explore. There are pre alphabet and number activities as well as science exploration materials. And don’t forget the open ended activities like painting at the easel and drawing and pasting.
There are indoor slides and crawling tunnels so the children can enjoy gross motor activities during winter and inclement weather days.

Quiet areas where the children can just go and relax with a book or puzzle or puppet if they need to. Often times behavior issues arise when children are put in overwhelming social situations. This is the perfect spot for your child to hear a story or do a puzzle with an adult from the room.

We have a playground outdoors designed specifically for our toddlers. So whether your child is exploring the jungle gym on the playground, feeding themselves at lunch, or exploring all the areas in their classroom. You can be assured that they are in a safe environment discovering new things everyday.


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